Saturday, February 02, 2008

Women's Health News Update, 2/2/07

Posts from January, at the new place.

Saturday News Round-Up, 2/2/08

Ridiculous Lawmaker of the Day: Mayhall Wants to Ban Obese from Eating

On Sushi, Mercury, and Women’s Health: Can’t See the Pollution for the Fish

I’m Cranky, and These Labor Nurses Aren’t Helping

Learn About Organ Donation

The Bedtime Chronicles, Vol. 4


Labor’Lert: A Stopwatch for Your Uterus

Check Out the Sex Ed Video Contest Winners!

Reproductive Health and the Catholic Hospital Conundrum

Another Lost Tampon Story

Prophylactics, Propaganda, and Posters, Oh My!

Friday News Round-Up

Best Cities to Have a Baby

Are Women Really Requesting C-Sections?

Blog for Choice Day 2008

Hand in a Box

Caffeine and Increased Miscarriage Risk - A Portion Problem?

Newsweek Gets “Gay” MRSA Story Right, CWA Gets it Oh So Wrong

Contraceptive Patch Label Updated to Address Blood Clot Risks

Birth Control Sabotage - Submit Your Stories

WIC Program (Barely) Increasing Access to Fruits & Veggies

Heather Corinna Writes the Best Rants

Go Do Your Thing

International Carnival of Pozitivities

Health Disparities A-Go-Go

WTF, Underwear?

Randomized Birth Studies and Ethical Questions

Education of the Pregnant Teen

Spanish Abortion Providers on Strike

The Bedtime Chronicles, Vol. 3

Oh, Tennessee

The Ethical Concerns of Paid Surrogacy

This Just Seems Mean-Spirited

Update on Problems at Afghan Maternity Hospital

Mandatory HIV Testing of Pregnant Women?

One Thing to Hate About the New Year

Headlines of 2008 Meme

Happy New Year!

Pretty Bird Woman House Fundraising Drive a Success!

Inaugural Pro-Choice Blog Carnival

The Year in Review, 2007

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