Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 9/28/07

Just a reminder that new posts are at the new site, and comments here are infrequently moderated. The new stuff:

Shameless Self-Promotion - OBOS blog post picked up in a midwifery newsletter

Do You Have Your Period? - One high school's inappropriate questioning of teen girls

Pregnant? Maybe You Should Get Plastic Surgery For That Unsightly Belly Fat - The story of a woman allegedly fired by a plastic surgery clinic for being pregnant

When Abusive Partners Try to Force Pregnancy - Nearly 1/4 of girls in abusive relationships reported that their partner tried to force or deceive them into becoming pregnant

More on Tattoos and Epidurals

News Round-Up, 9/24/07 - Assorted goodies

Does a Tattoo Mean You Can’t Get an Epidural? - Or does it mean people think you're a "tramp" who should be punished?

LOLcat Blogger News - Everybody loves a fuzzy kitty picture, LOLcat-style

Documentary Review: Sex Ed and the State - Find out how abstinence-only sex ed had nothing to do with teens' health

Understanding Medical Research

More Products You Probably Don’t Need, the Menstrual Edition - Fear-mongering and money-taking

Sexy Librarian Rage & Banned Books Week - Because nothing is hotter than a miffed librarian

Headline of the Day - Hint: your gallbladder is kind of far from your vagina

Pushing a Genetic Test Most Women Don’t Need (or, Be afraid! Pay money!)

Facebook Deletes Breastfeeding Photos for “Obscenity” - I love hypocrisy with my social networking. Or not.

I’m All Official and Whatnot (at Our Bodies, Ourselves)

Moving Through the World as a Woman - Musings on safety

Finding Trustworthy Health Information Online

Images Prove How Offensive Breastfeeding in Public Really Is

Suicide on the Rise in Young Girls

Applebee’s Nurse Out Coverage

Sex Store Etiquette - Read this if you want to buy a toy without being a jerk

Help A Journalism Student - What Women’s Issues Would You Like Covered? - Head on over and leave suggestions in the comments

Link Love

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 9/6/07

Oh my, I have been busy lately. Periodic roundups are here, but new posts are up almost daily at the new place. Also, please be aware that I'm not keeping up with comments over here - come on over and join the discussion at the new digs.

Miscarriage Not a Crime After All - West Virginia police finally get a clue. See "Miscarriage or Crime?" for background.

Review: S.E.X., the All-You-Need-to-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide - I review a book. You will like the book.

Another Look at Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

44th Carnival of Feminists - The state fair is gearing up down the road from my place, but that has nothing to do with *these* carnivals.

Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2007 - Strong-arm your Senator. You know you wanna.

National Applebee’s Nurse-Out on September 8th - Eatin' breastmilk in the neighborhood

Guide to Donating Breastmilk - Links to good info

An Announcement - Our Bodies, Ourselves Blogging - I get a big girl blogging gig with some fantastic ladies

Vaginal “Rejuvenation” Not Safe or Necessary - Considering that there's approx. no studies and no evidence, you shouldn't have needed ACOG to tell you this.

Political Pressure Touches Breastfeeding Promotion Campaign - You know, because promoting breastfeeding and accurate information about breastfeeding isn't "friendly" enough to the formula industry. Bad administration! No soup for you!

Eatin’ Stupid in the Neighborhood - Applebee's bullies a breastfeeding mama, despite state law protecting her rights

Miscarriage or Crime? - Apparently every private tragedy must be investigated, or you never know what those rowdy women will get up to

News Round-Up, 8/28/07 - A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of sex toy quiz

Breastfeeding Baskets for New Moms - An excellent gift idea for the new mama in your life

A Saturday Poll - Why not help plan my future?

Dr. Anna Pao Speaks About Post-Katrina Hospital Experience - My heart breaks every time I read about this

RepHresh? ReNo. - Some things can go in your vagina. Other things should not.

Happy Birthday OTC Emergency Contraception - Join the Pill Patrol - Preparedness is next to librarian-ness. Get your OTC EC.

Forced HIV Testing - I'll take Things That May Not Be Ethical for $2000, Alex.

How to Avoid a C-Section - Don't get pregnant. Ha.

Women’s Health Interview Series - #1, REBIRTH blogger - I ask, the REBIRTH blogger answers

Your Boycott-Related Homework - Support Planned Parenthood - You know you want to (support PP and find out how one anti-choice group tries to make up new copyright law)

Take a Close Look at Those Papers You Sign at the Doctor’s Office - Because they may restrict your online activity

When Sex Ed Isn’t Comprehensive - People do say there's no such thing as a stupid question...

A Bit of Housekeeping - A roundup of all of my guest posts at the Our Bodies, Ourselves blog

Afghan Midwifery on Our Bodies, Our Blog - More with the OBOS blogging

More Stories at Our Bodies, Ourselves - Can you tell I'm excited about this yet?

Expanding Midwifery Care to the Underserved - Nashville, TN midwifery practice expands care to low resource populations

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