Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 8/19/07

I'm still doing the weekly updates here because lots of folks end up here via search or old feeds. the little librarian in me of course wants to point them to the new place for more information.

How Operation Rescue and National Right to Life Spin Abortion Research - In response to a new study on the safety of medical abortion

Breast cancer vaccine? - Experimental vaccine seems safe, so further research will be done on whether it works

BlogHer Poll to Set Global Health Agenda - Head on over and vote for the most important issue in women's health

Woman Dropped by Doc at 8 Months Pregnant Over VBAC

Some People Are Just Crazy - Man poisons pregnant woman in an attempt to make her miscarry

When to Fire Your Doctor - Handy tips

Racial Bias in Treatment of Heart Disease - The findings of a new study might surprise you

Mother to be Ordered by Court to Stop Breastfeeding? - When custody battles get in the way of making sense

Guest-Blogging for Our Bodies, Ourselves - I am, and it's a blast

Gorgeous Isn’t Good Enough - Sexist modifications of celebrity photos - let's give the guy more muscle, and take it away from the woman!

News Round-Up, 8/15/07 - It's a goody bag

Abstinence Only Sex Ed No Good For HIV Prevention? - We'll talk about the research

Do You Trust Google With Your Health Information? - I'm not willing to say "yes" just yet

Inducing Labor for Convenience, not Safety - It's probably not necessary as often as they tell you it is

Link Love - Thanks to folks who send visitors my way

The Seven Flavors of Menstrual Suppression - Links to a good review of your options

Wearing Your Bra on the Inside - Who thought implanting a silicon "bra" and anchoring it to your ribs would be a good idea?

Sexual Partners - Who’s Exaggerating? - Somebody sure seems to be

Results from the National Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign - Find out how folks feel about breastfeeding, whether ads had any impact

Ohio Group Pushing for Broader Maternity Leave

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 8/11/07

It's been a few extra days between updates, so go check out this unusually long batch of fresh posts over at the new place.

RAINN Benefit Concert Tour - Check out this August series of events

They’re Not Infantilizing You, They Just Don’t Think You Capable of Being Informed - What's new in the abortion argument

How Physicians Are Responding to the “Partial Birth” Abortion Ban - Some clinics are forcing women to have a little-studied shot with their abortion to cover their butts legally

Instead Softcup as Fertility Aid? - One website would have you believe so, even though it hasn't been studied or approved for this purpose

I Help Aunt B Pee Standing Up - Like a proud mama

Plastic Surgery Ad Nauseum - Two new studies on cosmetic surgery you might have seen in the news

Wellcome Medical Image Collection - Check out this cool collection of historical medical images, now free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license

Bad Mammogram Tech! No Cookie!

Publix Offering Free Antibiotics - See what's covered, and search for a Publix pharmacy near you

What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer? - A few bits of info and resources on this sneaky form of breast cancer

Is Your Baby Too Big For Your Pelvis? - Probably not

REBIRTH’s Childbirth Ed Series, Part 3 - Very informative and easy-to-understand series on childbirth

Doulas Highlighted by CNN - Doulas get some mainstream media attention

What Not To Wear *In Your Vagina* - I'm so serious about this

Presented Without Comment - Natural Family Planning vs. “Contraceptive” - An amusing series of videos in the style of the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads

More Free Formula Controversy - Clarifying things related to the next two posts

The Formula Samples - Why Are You So Angry? - People misunderstand the formula "ban," and get angry

More Women Try Breastfeeding, Far Fewer Continue - New statistics on breastfeeding in the United States

An Interview with BadBadIvy - Ms. Ivy asks questions, I answer

Claim Your Free Women’s Health Calendar - Go get your free stuff

Doulas Behind Bars - The problems of birth in prison, and how doulas are trying to help

Nashville: Childbirth Education & Lactation Center Open House - You've missed the open house, but the center is open for business

Carnival Against Sexual Violence #28 is Up - One of my posts is included, along with lots of other interesting pieces from around the blogosphere

Ohio Bill to Give Final Say on Abortion to Men - Oh, Ohio, and your ridiculous stunts

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

Good News for Breastfeeding in New York Hospitals - The healthcare providers stop being complicit in the pimping of formula to all women

Freebirthing Profiled in Washington Post - Updated - Comments on a piece about unassisted childbirth

News Round-Up, 7/31/07 - Linky goodness

Latina Reproductive Health - A new blog from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

How Much Jail Time Should 850,000 Women a Year Receive? - It seems like a valid question if you're trying to make abortion illegal

Get Thin or Get Charged - Bad employers, no cookie

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