Thursday, December 27, 2007

Women's Health News Update, 12/27/07

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A roundup of recent posts:

Science vs. Spin: Reactions to New Research on Sex Ed and Abortion

CDC Releases Data on the Pre-Pregnant

Pretty Bird Woman House Needs Your Help - Help fund a safe shelter for abuse victims on the Standing Rock Reservation

New Warnings on Nonoxynol-9, and Spermicide in Your Hair Dye? - Nonoxynol-9 is not for HIV or STD prevention.

What, Y’all Didn’t Know I’m a Robot? - Your blogger gets a funny mention in a Bay Area newspaper

Shameless Bloggy Begging - Vote for me!

ACOG’s “Conscience” Statement on Refusing Care Due to Religious Beliefs

Grooming for the Gyno? Not Necessary - Seriously, nobody cares about your hair.

Fetal Mortality Rates by Race/Ethnicity - Still no explanation for the disparities

Foreign Rectal Bodies

Seriously? On HIV and Isolation

Huckabee, HIV/AIDS, Travel, and Bigotry - Huckabee got it wrong

Prisons and Reproductive Rights or the lack thereof

Waxman Calls for Investigation into Conditions at Kabul Maternity Hospital

Sunday Morning Linkage - Health Discussions, Forced Sterilization, and More

Making Your Holiday Donations Count for Women - A list of good causes

CDC Releases New Birth Data - Lots of interesting things in this new report

Bloody Baby Pictures Banned by MySpace - It happened to a friend of mine - MySpace thinks slutty underage pics are fine, newborns are gruesome

News Round-Up, 12/7/07

More Anti-Choice Ballot Initiatives Proposed for 2008 - You are registered to vote, aren't you?

Get the Machine That Goes “Ping!” - Monty Python takes on hospital birth

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Women's Health News Update, 12/1/07

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Review: The Business of Being Born - This is an awesome documentary. Come find out why.

Websites and Eating Disorders

Home Sick - This woman's health, plus congrats to another blogger.

C-Section Rates by Hospital for Multiple States - Reliable info on this topic is extremely difficult to find.

The Book of Vice - Who wants to buy me a present?

To Sleep, Perchance to Chew My Hand Off - Something very strange happened while I was sleeping.

News Round-Up, 11/24/07 - Assorted goodies.

Updates on Fertilized Egg Personhood and Campus Contraception Prices

Welcome Writer Magazine Readers - Shameless self-promotion.

35th Carnival Against Sexual Violence - Lots of good posts on this topic.

News Round-Up, 11/17/07

More “Fertilized Egg as Person” Initiatives

Things You Don't Hear About Every Day - Because you know you want to read more about anal cancer.

Fertilized Egg as a Person, and Increasing STI Rates

Send a Sex Toy - to a frustrateding Attorney General.

Oh, Good Grief - More women's health blogger health woes.

Assorted Goodies - Another round-up.

Will a New Female Condom Catch On? - I'm guessing it won't.

Geeks and Vaginas - The best of both worlds.

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso - No, I don't expect I'd like a show called "Without Breasts There Is No Paradise."

Your Yucky Body - An awesome cartoon on the "mommy makeover" from Mikhaela.

Oral Contraceptives and Cervical Cancer

Diabulimia Discussion

Jezebel Can Suck It (But Can’t Breastfeed) - Why I have a love/hate relationship with Jezebel.

I Love Technology, Placentas Love Cloaking Devices - Why it's like a weird spy thriller up in your uterus.

Driving Me Crazy - Please Help! - A reader comes through with the name of a blog for a woman who was accused of child abuse.

Medical Concern, or Bad Attitude? - I report, you decide.

47th Carnival of Feminists

Quote of the Day, Understatement of the Year - On teens and abstinence.

Universal Orlando Staff Harrasses Breastfeeding Mama - They need to read a copy of Florida law, stat.

The Hospital Birth, The Hospital Rules - Can you really have a normal birth in a hospital?

The Perils of Librarianship - On plastic wrap, oral sex, and librarianship.

Vajapocalypse: I Say Vagina, You Say “This is what happened on Tyra” - Complete with fun clip from The Soup.

Bill Introduced to Reduce Campus Contraception Prices - Contact your legislator.

Miscarriage and Infertility Blogs - Lots of links.

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