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Women's Health News Update, 11/4/07

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Posts since the last update (from oldest to newest):

Farewell, Mr. Otto - I lost my poor (20ish) baby kitty at the end of September. I still miss my furry little friend.

On the New Acting Surgeon General’s Plan B Holdup - More politicization of women's health. In a two-for-one, you get links to my posts at Our Bodies Ourselves as well.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Sex Toy Case, Sales Effectively Banned in Alabama - Causing women everywhere to utter the phrase "underground dildo railroad."

New Study on Risks of Birth After a C-Section - Talkin' 'bout the uterine rupture bogeyman.

Is the “Mommy Makeover” Really Necessary? - "Necessary" was a stupid word for these folks to use, because the answer is "no."

“there would be more abortions performed in this country if Planned Parenthood didn’t exist” - What a med student learned from a stint at Planned Parenthood.

A Long Way To Go On Sexual Assault Issues - Some folks don't think wives can be raped by their husbands. Those people are jerks.

F-Cup Cookies - Better living through junk food? Probably not.

Ina May Gaskin, Marsden Wagner Speak Out on Cytotec Induction of Birth - You know, if both the FDA and the drug manufacturer say, "Dudes, don't use this drug in pregnant women," maybe you should listen.

Pump and Type: Katie Allison Granju Talks About Working While Breastfeeding - The challenges of working while breastfeeding, and the privilege inherent in being able to do so.

Two New Posts at OBOS - Breast Cancer, Violence in the Congo - Come on over and find out more.

Sex Ed Digital Video Contest - You still have until Dec 31st to enter your brilliant sex ed video in this contest.

New Figures on Worldwide Maternal Mortality - The U.S. is still lagging behind numerous other countries in taking care of birthing women.

Argh - Susan Orr Appointed to Head National Family Planning Program - Call me crazy, but I think that if you don't at all believe in the mission of an agency, you shouldn't be in charge of it.

Pervy Dentist Makes up Total BS - Boob fondling is not an approved treatment for TMJ.

Student Denied a Rape Kit at Several Hospitals? - This is outrageous. Read it for yourself.

Report Card on Women’s Health - FAIL!

Enema, Schmenema

Don’t Work on Crime, Just Be a Vending Machine - Just hope your would-be attacker doesn't get thirsty.

Out Sick - I was ill, but still linked you to my post at OBOS on a postpartum depression bill that passed in the House (but not without political BS).

Rates of Elective Double Mastectomy Rise - When we focus on cancer prevention, we apparently focus on boob removal.

Australian Miners to Learn About Woman-Caves - Will better sex with their menopausal wives lead to happier workers?

HIV Vaccine Trial Gone Wrong - FYI - vaccines are supposed to prevent disease, not make it more likely that you'll get sick.

Arguments for Normal Birth - Bloggy goodness from some smart women.

Oral Herpes is Awesome - Not so much when you have to talk to strangers for 6 hours.

What to Ask Before Surgery, and What to Expect - A friendly guide from your blogger, who has had part of a knee, part of a thyroid, and four wisdom teeth removed.

Is This Child Abuse or Sexual Assault? - I think it's both. Find out why.

Salt n Pepa, the “Virgin vs. Whore” Show - Old stereotypes live on in this show.

On the NIH’s New Vulvodynia Awareness Campaign - Awareness is good, but finding out what caused it and how to treat it is probably better.

Boob Baby - A dream I had involving babies, bras and boobs.

Artificially Breaking Waters Shouldn’t Be Routine, Review Says - Another argument for allowing normal birth.

Updated Information On Treatment of Nashville Rape Victims - I did some digging, and turned up new information on Nashville women's choices after sexual assault.

Product Review: The Wear Ease Dawn Camisole - On a piece of clothing designed for women after mastectomy and other breast surgeries.

News Round-Up, 11/3/07 - Assorted items of interest on birth, c-section, sex ed, cervical cancer, abortion, adoption, pap tests, contraception, and a philosophical question on charity.

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