Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 8/11/07

It's been a few extra days between updates, so go check out this unusually long batch of fresh posts over at the new place.

RAINN Benefit Concert Tour - Check out this August series of events

They’re Not Infantilizing You, They Just Don’t Think You Capable of Being Informed - What's new in the abortion argument

How Physicians Are Responding to the “Partial Birth” Abortion Ban - Some clinics are forcing women to have a little-studied shot with their abortion to cover their butts legally

Instead Softcup as Fertility Aid? - One website would have you believe so, even though it hasn't been studied or approved for this purpose

I Help Aunt B Pee Standing Up - Like a proud mama

Plastic Surgery Ad Nauseum - Two new studies on cosmetic surgery you might have seen in the news

Wellcome Medical Image Collection - Check out this cool collection of historical medical images, now free for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license

Bad Mammogram Tech! No Cookie!

Publix Offering Free Antibiotics - See what's covered, and search for a Publix pharmacy near you

What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer? - A few bits of info and resources on this sneaky form of breast cancer

Is Your Baby Too Big For Your Pelvis? - Probably not

REBIRTH’s Childbirth Ed Series, Part 3 - Very informative and easy-to-understand series on childbirth

Doulas Highlighted by CNN - Doulas get some mainstream media attention

What Not To Wear *In Your Vagina* - I'm so serious about this

Presented Without Comment - Natural Family Planning vs. “Contraceptive” - An amusing series of videos in the style of the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads

More Free Formula Controversy - Clarifying things related to the next two posts

The Formula Samples - Why Are You So Angry? - People misunderstand the formula "ban," and get angry

More Women Try Breastfeeding, Far Fewer Continue - New statistics on breastfeeding in the United States

An Interview with BadBadIvy - Ms. Ivy asks questions, I answer

Claim Your Free Women’s Health Calendar - Go get your free stuff

Doulas Behind Bars - The problems of birth in prison, and how doulas are trying to help

Nashville: Childbirth Education & Lactation Center Open House - You've missed the open house, but the center is open for business

Carnival Against Sexual Violence #28 is Up - One of my posts is included, along with lots of other interesting pieces from around the blogosphere

Ohio Bill to Give Final Say on Abortion to Men - Oh, Ohio, and your ridiculous stunts

Happy World Breastfeeding Week

Good News for Breastfeeding in New York Hospitals - The healthcare providers stop being complicit in the pimping of formula to all women

Freebirthing Profiled in Washington Post - Updated - Comments on a piece about unassisted childbirth

News Round-Up, 7/31/07 - Linky goodness

Latina Reproductive Health - A new blog from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

How Much Jail Time Should 850,000 Women a Year Receive? - It seems like a valid question if you're trying to make abortion illegal

Get Thin or Get Charged - Bad employers, no cookie

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