Friday, July 13, 2007

Weekly Women's Health News Update, 7/14

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Nashville: Free Pap Tests Tomorrow - 7/14/07, get 'em while they're hot.

Summer Reading List - come on over and suggest some books.

It's True - the things people say...

Search Request Response - this is a full-service operation, people.

Diaphragms no help against AIDS? No kidding. - Studies telling us what we already suspected.

Missouri law bans Planned Parenthood from providing sex ed in schools - You know, because they're just trying to drum up abortion business. Sheesh.

When the anti-breastfeeding bully is family - Follow the link to discussion of one obnoxious request.

Stop deceptive advertising for women's services - Proposed legislation to stop "crisis pregnancy centers" from using false advertising, with discussion of how CPCs sometimes lie to women.

Shocking news of the day - administration interferes with science - What, you're no longer shocked by this?

Merck and GlaxoSmithKline competing for HPV vaccine market - A new vaccine is in the works to compete with Gardasil. I should have title this, "One More."

More on women judging women - the Plan B survey - More thoughts on women responding to a survey about emergency contraception.

When med school and sex shops collide - Innovative way to get accurate anatomical models.

Marital difficulties? Take a pill. - I dare a doc to suggest that I should fix any marriage issues by taking a drug so I feel better about it.

Blogging Elsewhere - Check out Nashville's new community blog space.

40th carnival of feminists is up - And I'm riding a pony and waving a baton. With streamers, y'all.

Survey of women who ordered Plan B online - What's good enough for me is good enough for thee. Or not.

Rain this morning, unfavorable cervical conditions this afternoon - New device for inducing labor sans drugs.

Are you boycotting Nestle? - Were you aware of the company's formula-promotion strategies?

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