Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recent Posts on Women's Health News

Although Women's Health News has moved, I'll add a post here now and again to let you know what has been added to the new site. Click on over and join us at the new place.

Recent Posts:
-New Advice on Ovarian Cancer Symptoms - Newly described set of symptoms to guide women in seeking care early
-Sex Advice from Librarians
-Podcasts on the HPV Vaccine from the National Library of Medicine
-Abstinence-Only Sex Ed - If It Doesn’t Work, Spend More Money On It - Studies suggest it doesn't work, so why did the budget for abstinence only sex ed increase this year?
-Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Information - Info on the form of TB carried by the traveler in recent news
-Outrageous Treatment of Nashville Rape Victims - Why should women have to go to two separate hospitals for rape care?
-HPV, Oral Sex, and Throat Cancer - Why those "technical virgins" may still need the HPV vaccine
-Let Someone Know You’re Safe and Well - The Red Cross has a new online tool for communicating with your loved ones during disasters
-Breastfeeding Flickr Pools - See more breastfeeding, give women less hassle about it

Visit Women's Health News at its new home -

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