Thursday, June 21, 2007

New This Week on Women's Health News

Standard Intro: Although Women's Health News has moved, I'll add a post here now and again to let you know what has been added to the new site. Click on over and join us at the new place.

Note: All of the old posts are still here (as well as at the new place), so you can still search the archives for previously posted information.

Recent Posts:
-Women’s Health News Now Accredited By Health On The Net Foundation, certifies that the site complies with a set of standards for trustworthy health information on the web.
-Because Nothing Says “I Respect This Patient” Like Letting Your Kid do the C-Section - People, don't let your teenager do the surgery you were supposed to do.
-On Treatment of Nashville Rape Victims, They Just Don’t Get It - How people are missing the point about all of Nashville's rape victims having to go to General.
-HHS Releases Report Criticizing Comprehensive Sex Ed - Because I don't think "dental dam" is really an inaccuracy.
-Rising Infant Death Rates in the South
-Bad Blog Exposure - I don't like the rape porn links.
-Fox & CBS Say Disease Prevention is Good, Pregnancy Prevention is Bad - How Fox and CBS show their hypocrisy.
-C-Section Rates, or, Vagina is not a Bad Word - Why c-section rates are rising, and how a discussion board treats the word "vagina."
-“Give Back a Smile” Program Restores Dental Health of Violence Victims - How domestic violence victims can get help replacing teeth lost to abuse.
-Diabulimia - New “Eating” Disorder Among Diabetics? - Teens and adults doing dangerous self-experiments with their insulin for the purpose of losing weight.
-New Adventures in Blood Donation - Your little blogger shows you her boo-boo.
-Welcome to Caitlain’s Corner, Sex Ed Resource - Another resource for getting your sex smarts on.
-STD Wizard - Take a quiz. Learn what you might be at risk for.
-Why the HPV Vaccine is so Expensive - It's not just about the drug company's costs.
-Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Provides Financial Assistance to Cancer Patients - Blood cancer patients can get co-pay assistance, or you can donate to help them.
-Women’s Health News in Top 100 Healthcare Blogs - It's a dynamic list. Sometimes I'm #92, sometimes I'm #126. Such is life.
-25th Carnival of Sexual Violence is up, and it includes your women's health blogger.

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