Friday, March 02, 2007

Submit to the Breastfeeding Carnival

No, it's not a travelling lactation show. The Lactivist is solicting submissions for the next Breastfeeding Carnival (a kind of blog post roundup) that relate to breastfeeding advice. If you have recent blog posts on this topic, see the solicitation and contact the coordinators via email.

PS- Dear Blogger (and Google): if you want me to complete the visual verification line in order to post to my own blog, and/or to have my blog reviewed by a human so it can be classified as "not spam" and have the VV turned off, you might want to make the VV actually work so that users can see the verification image in either location. Right now, many Blogger users are stuck in a frustrating loop of not being able to use their own blogs or get the problem fixed in a timely manner.


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