Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stupid Bill Dies in Committee

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As Sean Braisted is reporting from the hill, and this vote tally page seems to confirm, HB1580 has been voted down by the Health and Human Resources Committee. The bill, covered in this previous post, would have taken authority to require vaccines away from the Commissioner of Health and given it to the General Assembly when the disease is sexually transmitted. Lawmakers made a grab for this authority in reaction to the new HPV vaccine.

Sean says:
The Christian Conservatives oppose this because they want to have cervical cancer as a threat to hang over their daughters heads so that they don't have sex; the state is looking out for the best interest of the girls whose parents are over-confident in their ability to control their daughter's sex life.

I wonder if these same Republicans who are questioning this vaccine, would have put the same grilling towards the polio vaccine? Debra Maggart is comparing the HPV Vaccine to Ritalin...seriously, what is with the Republican aversion to science?
Although much attention has been paid to efforts to make HPV vaccination mandatory, very little has been paid to attempts of this type to circumvent legitimate public health professionals for the sake of the agenda of those who would prefer to deny access to information and healthcare when it comes to adolescents and sex.


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