Friday, February 16, 2007

Washington, DC - Coming Together with Free Condoms

Washington, D.C. is getting in on city-branded condom distribution, much like the New York City program mentioned previously. According to the Washington Post, the District plans to give away 250,000 free condoms today, with "Coming Together to Stop HIV in DC" branding; officials say the double entendre of the slogan was unintentional. Similar to the NYC program, the condoms are expected to be placed in government buildings such as health departments, as well as bars, convenience stores, barber shops, and other locations. Organizations can request condoms for distribution through this online form.

The Department of Health has a page on their site describing the initiative to give away 1 million free condoms, with information on how to use male condoms, female condoms, female condoms for anal sex, and dental dams. The site is not quite as useful as its NYC equivalent, as it doesn't yet have information on all of the sites where condoms will be or promotional materials; perhaps it will be updated when the program is further along.

PS - Who wants to send me some? I really want a collection of city-branded condoms.


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