Saturday, February 24, 2007

NARAL Urges Action on Campfield Bill

Stacey Campfield's proposed legislation to issue death certificates for abortion has come to the attention of NARAL Pro-Choice America, which has an online form set up for Tennessans to send a letter to their Representative and State Senator. The text of the letter is as follows, although you can personalize it as desired:
As your constituent, I'm writing to ask you to oppose HB 982, which would require a death certificate be filed for every abortion in Tennessee.

Women who live in Tennessee already face an uphill battle when it comes to their reproductive rights. Anti-choice legislators in recent years have passed biased counseling and mandatory delay requirements, mandatory parental consent rules, targeted regulations against abortion providers, and an unconstitutional ban on abortion as early as 12 weeks in pregnancy.

This bill is not only unnecessary, it is an assault on women's dignity and privacy. Tennessee's Office of Vital Records already keeps track of the number of abortions in the state, but these records keep the women's identities private.

If passed, death certificates would include personal and identifying information - including full name and mailing address - that would become public record.

Women in Tennessee deserve their constitutionally protected right to privacy when they make their personal reproductive decisions. Please help defeat this dangerous bill by voting "no" on HB 982.

Visit the action center and send your letter.

Campfield, who previously released a set of irrelevant questions in an attempt to deflect criticism of the bill, but claims he doesn't have time to respond to all of the questions he's being asked, has time to leave at least 10 comments like this on another right-wing Tennessee blog. He's harrassing a local reporter to get the facts (if they exist) related to a different, non-legislative story:

Well WKRN it sounds like you have been called out. It is put up or shut up time. Terry has said she will release to MSM (I would say you qualify) But I would think the exchange would be a story on the TV news possibly with credit given where it is due. It has been said a good reporter will dig for the story. I don’t think for this story much digging will be needed. Will you still present the facts on the news if it hurts your agenda or will you cop out?

Will you step up or will we get more snarky comments? I would say it is news worthy if it is true. Are you scared she might be right and have the facts? Why not make the deal and see. In poker if you think the other person is bluffing you put you money on the table and call. People turn over the cards and one person is right. I don’t see the money…..

Make up your mind. Stick with one dodge. You will look less foolish

Given that Campfield is either lying about what his bill would do or simply doesn't understand the implications, and has repeatedly ignored attempts to present factual arguments and ask legitimate questions about the bill, his comments would be laughably ironic if they didn't demonstrate that Campfield is only interested in the free flow of information when it suits his agenda.


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