Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Great American Condom Campaign Needs Your Help

The Great American Condom Campaign needs your help to continue to the important work of ensuring that all people have access to condoms and appropriate disease prevention and contraceptive information. To learn more, visit the links at the bottom of this post. Your donation will help support this work, including providing 100 condoms a month to registered SafeSites for distribution to the community. From an email, republished with permission:

Just wanted to check in and ask that you give a few bucks to The Great American Condom Campaign. We are in a very challenging financial situation. As you might know, our flagship project, "Safesites" - a national grass-roots condom distribution program - has expanded FAR faster than any of us had predicted: Reaching ten times more people per month than we thought we could hit in a year. This is a GREAT problem to have, to be sure, but the added cost of creating a logistical system to support the 90,000 people we are hitting every month has been hard on us. Especially considering we are a volunteer organization. None of us are paid. No salaries. No benefits. Nothing. In fact, the whole Campaign has been self-financed for the past year and a half. The only problem is that we've run out of things to sell, houses to mortgage, and loans to get to pay for this very important next phase.

It is hard to ask for money, but I can not think of a more worthwhile cause to ask for your support on. I'm not asking you for $10,000 (but if you gave it, I would be hard-pressed to say no ;) but I am asking you to consider giving as much as you can. Twenty bucks from you, in the context of two thousand other people giving $20, makes a huge difference.

Every little bit counts, Rachel. Get your friends to donate, your office, your neighbors -- your contribution will make a difference, I guarantee that. Please donate right now, just visit our homepage and click on the blonde in the lower left corner. It takes less than a minute.

Please also feel free to contact me directly whenever you like at stephen@condomcampaign.org or 202.341.0656.

Be Great,

Stephen B. Sobhani, MPP
The Great American Condom Campaign

Great American Condom Campaign
PO Box 3769
Washington, DC 20027

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