Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

I thought a blog post was warranted to commemorate my first time as first author on a publication. The Journal of the Medical Library Association has recently added a case study feature, which presents a clinical question posed to the librarian by physicians and walks the reader through the process of developing an answer. The cases take an instructional tone, with "you" throughout, rather than a drier academic tone, as they are intended to instruct and encourage other librarians in assisting clinicians with their questions. This issue's case, Utilizing case reports to build awareness of rare complications in critical care, is freely available online, and presents an investigation as to whether a patient with an ileostomy could have a C. difficile infection affecting the small intestine. My co-authors are another medical librarian and a trauma doctor, both of whom are outstanding at what they do. I want to specifically thank co-author Jerome for the amazing amount of work she contributed to the case.

The case study feature is curated by fellow blogger BeckyJ, and has its own accompanying blog, JMLA Case Studies in Health Sciences Librarianship. Links to background reading and further discussion of the case will be added to the blog in the coming days.

Citation: Walden RR, Jerome RN, Miller RS. Utilizing case reports to build awareness of rare complications in critical care. J Med Libr Assoc. 2007 Jan;95(1):3-8. [Full Text]

Full disclosure: I also serve as Editorial Assistant for the JMLA, and as a contributing author to the Case Studies blog.

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Wow! Congrats on publication! :)

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Congratulations!!! That is really really cool!!! :)

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