Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Response Regarding New Hope Maternity Home Records

I contacted the Utah Department of Human Services to request information on the New Hope Maternity Home. According to the Department's frequently asked questions, regarding how to find out if complaints have been filed against a service provider, "After making initial contact with a program and questioning the staff or clients, feel free to contact the licensor of the program you are considering. The licensor can give you results of the latest licensing visit, the current license status and basic information on substantiated complaints in the program file."

I sent a message to the appropriate licensor, and Licensor for New Hope, Kent Callister, responded thusly: "The New Hope Maternity Home's probationary residential support license expires January 31, 2007. The program does not plan to continue to operate. For additional information you can request a GRAMA."

So, despite what the DHS website says, I'd have to file a request for access to the records through the Utah Attorney General office in order to actually find out about complaints. I haven't decided whether I can do this yet, as there may be fees associated with the request. I'll keep you posted.

Update: In response to a follow-up email, Mr. Callister says that he has not received any complaints against the program.

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