Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pseudoscience and Public Policy

RH Reality Check has a great post today, Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Terrified that Dr. Eric Keroack is in Charge of the U.S. Federal Family Planning Program. Among them - the doctor who did the oxytocin studies Keroack uses to support his claim that premarital/too much sex causes women not be able to bond properly with their husbands calls Keroack's interpretation of her work "pseudoscience."

The RH Reality Check also includes Keroack's complete presentation on the oxytocin topic. I'm sorry, but that thing looks like spam I get in my email, and is not the quality of work I expect to see from a supposed professional who stands to be in charge of family planning for the whole nation. Of course Keroack's anti-contraception stance, work with "crisis pregnancy centers," and abstinence-only agenda are the major concerns, but c'mon - The Drudge Report looks more professional than this.

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  • Who is Eric Keroack? - Planned Parenthood
  • Abortion foe to lead on family planning - Boston Globe
  • Family Planning Farce - NYTimes editorial

    Thanks to Tyler for the heads up on this piece.

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