Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Reactions to the Drop in Breast Cancer Rate

As noted in this previous post, researchers presented news of a dramatic decline in breast cancer rates at a recent conference, and suggested it was linked to a reduction in women using hormone replacement therapy. The Kaiser Network has a summary of reactions to the news. Other reaction pieces:
  • Breast cancer news brings range of reactions - New York Times, emphasis on consumer reactions
  • Wyeth, lawyers clash over cancer study - Houston Chronicle, "Wyeth countered that the study won't have a significant impact on the litigation because the risk of breast cancer has always been included on the product's label."
  • Don't panic about hormones, docs say - Detroit Free Press
  • Breast cancer diagnoses took sudden drop in '03 - Boston Globe
  • Breast cancer treatment and evidence based medicine - Women's Bioethics Project
  • On evidence-based medicine - Medical Humanities Blog

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