Sunday, December 10, 2006

Off Topic: The Blogger Meat-Up

The Mothership BBQ graciously hosted a holiday party last night for Nashville-area bloggers. A recap:

  • I finally got to see Bad Bad Ivy's hair in person. The Husband was worried, before I gave him the explanation, that she had cancer and he wasn't being sufficiently sympathetic.

  • I finally met Kerry Woo in person, and his lovely wife. Joel pointed out to me that I overexplained the eating cats and dogs thing to her, and that I made it awkward in doing so. Kerry Woo's Wife - I'm sorry, it was just so LOUD in there, I didn't realize you two had just told me Kerry had already explained it. And how on earth did Kerry Woo get so tall?

  • Kathy T always brings some kind of functional goody. She also matched Blake in his monkey suit perfectly. :)

  • I also finally met Kate O, who is both lovely and charming.

  • The Knucklehead won't let me work the Mothership cash register one Saturday, because it's Sophie's job. Dude, I don't want to get paid for it, I just think it would be fun. Is this because of what I said about the "wine?" :)

  • There were enough blogger spouses there that y'all should really form a support group.

  • CLC, I swear I would have gotten the "No L" button faster under "normal" circumstances. At the time, my first thought was, "What is 'L,' and should I be against it too?" Hee.

  • Did I suggest that we could give your Korean kids alcohol in order to prove the point that it makes us (partly)Asian types turn red? No, I thought not. ;) Just you remember what I said when they're teenagers and try to tell you how "cold" it is outside.

  • A hometown friend+2 dropped by, and received a tour of the bathrooms. Thanks to Milo for accomodating their late requests for food.

  • Imagine my surprise when a coworker+3 dropped by on a scavenger hunt. Joel thought I was being exceptionally outgoing when I talked to her about the clue, until he realized I already know her. Don't you love it when they say, "Oh, I was going to be really proud of you?" :P

  • As always, nice to see the ladies Kat and Aunt B again, as well as the Bunco gals, and very nice to meet the rest of you last night.

  • I came home and found one more cave cricket leg. Just one leg. When we bought the house we noticed that the things, which are my worst wild kingdom nightmare, tend to frequent the place. Now that we've moved in with the kitties, all I ever see of them at a time is one detached drumstick leg. Ugh. And someone dropped his phone in the toilet when we got home.

    If I forgot you, I'm sorry. I haven't had enough coffee yet to properly reconstruct the events of the evening.

    Blogger Kathy T. said...

    It was great to see you Rache! When I got home, my 11-year old dragged the tree downstairs from storage and a gigantic dead bumblebee fell out of it. Bleh. M. was like, give me a paper towel, you wimps, and I'll get it for you. She left a leg behind too but when I pointed it out, she graciously got it too.

    11:13 AM  
    Blogger Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

    Awww, Joel's a nice guy. I had a great time last night, it was fun hanging with ya!

    11:27 AM  
    Blogger Kerry Woo said...

    Rachel - so nice to meet you - the BBQ cat was yummy (and I'm surpised it tastes just like pork) - as for being tall, it's the long grain rice that I eat - in fact my little brother is 7'2" - I'll have to scan a photo and post it soon.

    11:16 PM  
    Blogger Jen P said...

    Glad to hear that you're all settled in the new house!

    My own two kitties used to LOVE the crickets in the old house. Usually only to play with and not to eat, but sometimes.. Still it's better than having to listen to those dratted crickets all the time in the house!


    2:57 PM  

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