Thursday, December 28, 2006

Off-Topic: 5 Things

I've been tagged by both Becky and David, and I'm on vacation, so I might as well do it.

Five Things You (Presumably) Don't Know About Me:

1. I'm the first person in my family to go to college (Oberlin). My parents both come from big families where only the eldest (which they are not) eventually went to college . Now I have a Masters (from Pitt, earned while working full-time). The husband has an undergrad degree, which only his father obtained. Movin' on up!

2. I'm 1/4 Korean - my maternal grandmother was Korean. I don't look it unless you pay attention when I laugh, or see me have an alcoholic beverage and turn red. The red is more noticeable on me than some other Koreans, because of my pale whitey skin. My mom has straight black hair and brown eyes, but my dad is a strawberry blonde with freckly skin and greenish eyes, resulting in nobody believing either one was my "real" parent when I was a kid. As for the rest, maybe I'll know more when Taneya (who I'm tagging) finds out more about my family tree (big thanks, TK!).

3. I grew up in a small, small town in east Tennessee. I couldn't wait to get out, and went 500 miles away and north for college. Parts of Evil Dead were filmed there, and some folks I know worked on the film. It also features overhead sidewalks in the downtown area.

4. I have a husband (of 4 years). I didn't change my name. He's an audio engineer. He rocks (99% of the time). We met at a Waffle House. My parents met at a Burger King.

5. Okay, one health-related thing. I've had arthroscopic knee surgery for an injury obtained in high school. My kneecap dislocated with such force that it cracked a chunk off the back of my patella. I blacked out standing up, and came to standing up, which I think is pretty impressive. I also waited until after lunch and through another class before leaving school (only because I was pretty sure I couldn't make it up the stairs for the next class) to go to the hospital, which I think is pretty stubborn. The ER docs (in my small, small town) thought it was just a dislocation that would heal, so I spent 6 weeks on crutches with a broken kneecap (and a chunk of bone floating around inside) before I had the corrective surgery. I also had a partial thyroidectomy a few years back for a "hot nodule," so I have a nice several inch scar running right across the front of my neck. My standard response to nosy strangers who ask is, "You should've seen the other guy." I once got a sunburn so severe that it caused my feet and ankles to become so swollen I couldn't walk. I've also had my wisdom teeth extracted (during undergrad commencement week, precipitated by an abscess), and have O+ blood, a penicillin allergy (my mom wasn't allergic until she had me), and a pretty bad sensitivity to artificial sweeteners. I can, however, roll around in poison ivy and not get it.

I think you got more than 5 things there. More like 5 categories of things. Hey, I'm a librarian.

I second Becky's tagging of Taneya and Tao.


Blogger David Rothman said...

Thanks for playing, Rachel!

3:37 PM  
Blogger BeckyJ said...

awesome list!

After my mom's thyroid surgery, I tried to convince her to say she'd gotten in a knife fight, that a pirate tried to slit her throat, or that she had a freak accident in the lawn and garden section of Home Depot, but she refused to play along ;)

12:12 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Ooh, pirates. I may use that. I just thought of another one - "I'm sorry, but the government won't let me talk about it." :)

12:24 PM  

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