Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Need to be Dipped in Bleach Now...

...just from seeing this video of a "Purity Ball." Now, it's not as though I think kids should be going out and having a ton of sex (although they will), especially if you're not going to teach them about preventing pregnancy or disease. The seeming focus just on girls seems questionable. Making your little girl think that her body is not hers, but rather a "gift" to be passed from father to husband is icky and demeaning. There is something really disturbing about sitting around a cheap hotel conference room while your daddy talks about your vagina.

(found via Feministing)


Blogger anomalous4 said...

The video in question has myseriously disappeared from the face of the earth. Or from YouTube, at any rate.

However, a couple of promo clips for the PB are up at the producer's site: One Hat Design

12:26 AM  
Blogger anomalous4 said...

Gaak. It's still up at Google Video:

Carenet Purity Ball DVD Preview


12:39 AM  

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