Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Great American Condom Campaign

The Great American Condom Campaign seeks to facilitate "newer, bolder, and more direct methods of condom distribution, education about condoms, and dialogues around condoms." Individuals and organizations can sign up to be a "Safe Site" condom distributer to give people easy access to condoms at the time of need, in their neighborhoods, when stores are closed, etc. - whenever obtaining contraception might be difficult - "SafeSites is a new method of condom distribution relying on peer-to-peer networking technology and direct social-access points." The organization also intends to produce a dcoumentary. From the website:

"The goal is a feature length film documentary that will explore the social, political, demographic, logistical, and stigma-related issues regarding the distribution of condoms in the United States. The question affords an opportunity to consider America’s sexual behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, politics, and stigmas from an entirely new perspective that puts the condom at the center of attention and its distribution the thematic thread that connects the very complex issue of American sexuality juxtaposed against very real public health threats related to sexual infections.

The Great American Condom Campaign (GACC) will acquire 5,000,000 condoms (the amount that fills a standard shipping container) and, simply, try distributing them all. The documentary will illuminate the deep-seeded stigmas associated with condoms by capturing the everyday interactions, societal constructs, and dialogue of Americans about condoms, while also turning towards the messaging sources of the anti-condom stigma."

(found via the Reproductive Rights Blog)

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Blogger BeckyJ said...

Did you see this story in the New York Times yesterday? "And You Think That You Worry About Your Bags Spilling Open" - A women who works with the Population Council had a mishap in the airport: "I needed to change shoes at the airport, and so I grabbed the bag and opened it thoughtlessly. The prophylactics popped out of my luggage. Dozens of condoms — green, pink, red, white, purple, ultrathin, ribbed and extra-strength — scattered across the terminal floor."

2:34 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

No, but if I had, I might have been a condom for Halloween. Maybe next year!

6:45 PM  

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