Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Spotty Posting. Or Maybe Not.

I'll be out of town over the next couple of weeks, helping my mom following her total hip replacement. I may post infrequently during that time. On the other hand, she might be asleep a lot of the time, in which case, never mind. Your friendly medical librarian is going to be in charge of both cooking (ah ha ha!) and providing daily abdominal injections of anticoagulant (which they did not teach me in grad school). Stay tuned for details.

The husband will be holding down the fort here*, medicating a kitty, recording some music, and pulling some pork. Keep your fingers crossed that he's not having Sonic and 40s for dinner every night.

* I realized later that I should clarify that by "here" I mean meatspace, not this spot in the blogosphere.


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