Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog: The Assertive Cancer Patient

The Assertive Cancer Patient is a relatively new blog, started in August '06 and written by cancer patient Jeanne Sather. Jeanne writes of the importance of being an assertive patient rather than a "good" patient in obtaining the best medical care. A couple of Jeanne's most striking posts:

Medical Mistakes—They Will Happen - Jeanne describes her own experience on the receiving end of medical errors, as well as her tips for avoiding them. She soundly advises readers to double-check things (such as whether you received the right prescription), and - above all - ask questions.

No More Campbell's Soup for Me - find out how much of your dough really goes to breast cancer research when you buy that pink soup can.

It's October--Time to Gag Me With Those Pink Ribbons - "Retailers right, left, and center are offering pink-themed merchandise, then donating a tiny share of the profits to cancer research. The reason the pink marketing campaign makes me so angry is that it encourages women to indulge in retail therapy while trivializing a very serious disease. This is not about raising money for cancer research; this is about companies trying to sell us stuff we don't need, just to make a profit." On a related note, Breast Cancer Action runs the Think Before You Pink campaign, which provides information on just this very topic. Time also covered this on Oct 11, as did Twisty.


Blogger Jeanne said...

Hi Rachel--a couple of new things on my blog, The Assertive Cancer Patient:

I've started reviewing "cancer movies," including Calendar Girls, Wit, Love Story, and more.

Cancer Movies

And also I've been digging a bit on the high cost of cancer drugs, including Herceptin and Avastin, and have started writing about that. I'm about to run out of health insurance coverage because these drugs are so expensive.

The (High) Cost of Cancer Treatment

Hope you are well, cheers, Jeanne

9:12 PM  

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