Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Assorted Things, Old and New

Via Feministing, Emergency Kindness is a network to get emergency contraception from those who can get it to those who need it. The site includes info on Plan B, how the network works, how to volunteer, and a blog.

Via the Kaiser Network, HHS Should Ensure Abstinence Education Material Used by Federal Grantees Contains Accurate Information on Condoms, STIs, GAO Legal Opinion Says. Here's the related GAO Decision

New York Times: New Devices and Effective Options in Contraception - says, "A shocking 60 percent of unplanned pregnancies occur in women using contraception"

The Well-Timed Period points out some lying liars.

Via Medgadget, eyelash transplants. This involves incisions and frequent trimming. People, can you please get a grip?

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