Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our Bodies, Ourselves Launches a Blog

The women's health education pioneers from Our Bodies, Ourselves have launched a blog, "Our Bodies Our Blog." The organization already has an incredibly useful web presence in the form of an extensive list of health information links by topic. Check out the blog, and spend a little time exploring the rest of the site, which includes book excerpts and other interesting resources.

I'm honored that their second post links to two of my own on barriers to breastfeeding and the Department of Health and Human Services's breastfeeding promotion campaign. Other current posts at OBOB include coverage of the HPV vaccine and new research into risk factors for autism. They also have a blogroll of several other feminist- and health-related blogs worth a look.

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Blogger Pam said...

I was going to tell you you were on their blogroll once the site went up. I guess I missed my window.

Congrats on the recognition!

1:53 PM  

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