Monday, September 25, 2006

One Vaccine, 100 Voices - HPV Vaccines and Screening in the Prevention of Cervical Cancer

A supplement to the journal Vaccine has been published (free, full-text online), focusing at length on the HPV vaccine and cervical cancer as an "update for paediatricians, gynaecologists, health educators, policy decision makers, industry and major donor institutions worldwide." [see the Elsevier announcement]. The 100 contributers to the supplement include medical and public health professionals from several countries, commenting in six sections: HPV as a Major Public Health Problem; Screening for Cervical Cancer: What Has Been Achieved and What Can Be Achieved; Prophylactic HPV Vaccines; Integrating HPV Vaccines and Screening; Public Health Aspects of HPV Vaccine Introduction; Research Needs and Opportunities in HPV-Based Vaccination and Prevention. The language is rather technical, but the supplement addresses interesting topics such as "psychosocial aspects of vaccine acceptability" (Ch 24), "HPV vaccine use in the developing world" (Ch 15), and "screening for cervical cancer in developing countries" (Ch 7). Other epidemiological, public health, screening, and application issues are also discussed.

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