Friday, September 29, 2006

Off Topic: Blogger Meet-Up Report, or, I Also Cannot Be Allowed in Public

Last night, in order to demonstrate that I do things aside from blogging and librarianship, I went to Wolfy's for a party of, uh, lots of bloggers. Check out links below for Nashville bloggers on non-health topics.

Kat graciously picked up me and B and drove us to the event, and dropped me off at the Mothership afterward. Big thanks to Kat!

I talked to Amanda about librarianship, although I'm not sure I sold her on it. I had just asked Kat if she would "bring me, like, 100 meatballs." Uh, that was the beverage talking. Kat brought me meatballs, proving again how sweet she is. As Amanda and I talked, I silently wondered if she would notice if I ate them with my hands.

Big Orange Michael was neither as big nor as orange as I had imagined, although he did sport a pen that plays Rocky Top (See it sticking out of the pink shirt from earlier in the day).

I finally met the Knucklehead, and assured him that, should I find that disaster had befallen the Mothership in his absence, I would simply duct tape it and go home. I'm helpful that way.

As for the guest of honor, I met Amanda of Rocketboom fame, and gave the most inarticulate answer possible when asked about my blog. Apparently tiny, blonde, pixie-like girls with a little 'net fame don't inspire me to be an eloquent extemporaneous speaker. Who knew?

I finally met the Kleinheider in person (his germanic people are from Missouri, as are the husband's). I couldn't resist a little ribbing about the "cell phone" incident, which he handled appropriately by asking me, "Do you want to touch it?" Despite this, he's very gracious in person, and subtly and deftly shifted Brittney's drink out of view when the camera pointed her way. I'm still working on whether I have any "conservative views" to tell him about; so far it's a bust, AC.

Some yahoo who had just been introduced to me sarcastically said something along the lines of "Creative name, there" regarding my blog name. Hey, it's about women's health news. For your convenience, here are some alternate options:
  • Blog naming, librarian-style: Leveraging interactive Web 2.0 strategies for distributed subject-specific consumer health information provision
  • Blog naming, blogger-style (now with options): 1)LadyParts Shakedown; 2)Overheard in My Junk; 3) Uteriblog; 4)Random Rhythmic Words with No Relation to the General Theme.

    That is all. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

    Blogger BeckyJ said...

    LadyParts Shakedown is pretty catchy, would also be a good name for a female wrestling blog so you might get some crossover traffic... :)

    9:43 AM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    I will do my best to be more ornage clan upon next real world meeting...

    2:01 PM  

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