Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The HPV Test - Web Resource

I recently was informed of the website, The HPV Test. The site provides information about testing for the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus. The website was created by the Digene Corporation, the maker of the HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test, which is used to screen for 13 high-risk types of HPV which have been associated with the development of cervical cancer. The test is primarily for women over 30, who are considered to be at greater risk for developing cervical cancer.

I would generally warn you to be cautious when using websites created by or for drug/biotechnology companies because they have a product to sell, a good general guideline for evaluating health-related websites. However, The HPV Test website appears to provide reliable information on the company's test, and may help more women become aware of this testing option. I was not very familiar with this test until I learned of the website; check it out for yourself and find out more. The site includes FAQs on pap and HPV testing, facts on HPV and cervical cancer, how to get the HPV test, advice on understanding your test results and talking to your partner, news, information for men, and other resources. You can also sign up for email alerts, read survivor stories, and test your own HPV and cervical cancer knowledge.

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    (Thanks to Tristan Panasik of DigitalGrit for alerting me to the site)

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