Wednesday, September 27, 2006

100 Best Companies for Working Mothers

Working Mother has released its annual list of the "family friendliest" companies in America. The methodology for the results indicates that the listed companies were chosen from among those that completed extensive applications, which "includes detailed questions about the workforce, compensation, child-care and flexibility programs, leave policies and more. The application checks the usage, availability and tracking of programs, as well as the accountability of managers who oversee them...Seven areas are measured and scored: workforce profile, compensation, child care, flexibility, time off and leaves, family-friendly programs and company culture."

The WM site allows you to browse by name, search by state, browse by industry, and other options. However, for an easier to browse version of the complete list, see this compilation in USA Today.

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[Note to the librarians: MeSH includes a term for working women, but no equivalent term for working men or working parents]


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