Sunday, August 27, 2006

Off Topic: Praise for Librarians, and I Need Boxes

Off Topic Professional Self-Promotion:
Found via David, Stanford professor Bob Sutton offers this praise of librarians.

Bob really gets what modern librarians are trying to do when he says:
"There is an ever growing pile of information out there and it keeps getting harder and harder to tell what is true and what is not. Librarians like Daphne and Paul have become even more important because they care about facts and accuracy and are extremely skilled at finding sources – so they can actually help stop the spread of claims that are wrong or inaccurate and can find the true sources of ideas and claims that are actually correct...

We’ve learned that librarians can play key roles in the evidence-based management movement, and have learned to view Daphne and Paul as key partners in this adventure, as people who do the work with us rather than for us...

In short, although the rise of the web has changed what librarians do, it also means that we need them more than ever because there are so many facts out there now and they are so easy to get, and it is so hard to tell which ones to believe – and they actually care about facts and evidence, and know where to get them."

Even More Off Topic: If any of you local bloggers have unneeded boxes coming in and piling up, I'll take 'em. I'm thinking everybody's favortive BBQ joint may have some... Your little medical librarian blogger is moving soon!

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