Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Breasts and Drugs Quick Update

Breastfeeding is A-OKAY
In response to the Baby Talk magazine controversy, Rob says:
"I've yet to see one negative post or comment on breastfeeding and/or the magazine picture on the blogosphere. Is it that bloggers and their readers are smarter, or that out of any sufficiently large group you can find a few loonies?"

I haven't seen any blogs react negatively to the cover, either. I have seen a ton of blogs and discussion boards support the cover image. A few worth a visit that I didn't list in the previous post:
  • Belly Tales
  • Birthmother; Reprise (lots of good bf'ing pics)
  • Milliner's Dream - more pics
  • Wet Feet - lots o' links, good comments discussion
  • Sage Femme has a spiffy new design
  • Lizzie Q Homemaker
  • The Consumerist
  • The Imperfect Parent
  • Interrupted Wanderlust

    "Pregnancy and Pot Don't Mix"
    In mice, that is. Says the story, "Marijuana's active ingredient, THC, can disrupt the body's finely tuned signaling system and interfere with a fertilized egg's ability to implant in the lining of the uterus, the study found." --- "Marijuana use, Schuel said, could also increase the risk of ectopic or tubal pregnancies, a serious situation in which the embryo lodges outside the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube." Still waiting to see if this is used to make pot smoking a more serious crime for all of us pre-pregnant women, just in case.

    The FDA, Again
    The Feministing folks don't think the FDA is serious about making a move on OTC Plan B.. They point to the timeline of the drug's OTC approval process for historical context. Meanwhile, survey results suggest that a lot of women have never heard of the drug, and 1/3 of those who have don't understand how it works. Maybe because of the confused mess of idealogy vs science that has surrounded the debate (see also: FDA)? The folks in Congress certainly have something to say to the (maybe) new guy at the Agency about keeping science and politics separate.

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