Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Just a little reminder to be careful out there, what with the drinking and the fireworks and whatall. Because if you're not, you may find that a bottle rocket has melted your bra through your shirt, after striking you in a fairly sensitive area. Hypothetically, that is...

Fireworks Safety Resources:
  • Fireworks Safety - from KidsHealth.org. Tips include, "Never try to make your own fireworks." Do people do this? If so, there should be some kind of registry, so I can move far, far away.
  • Fireworks Eye Safety and Treatment of Firework Eye Injury - American Academy of Opthalmology, via Medem
  • Preventing Eye Injuries from Fireworks - Prevent Blindness America
  • Fireworks-Related Injuries - fact sheet from the CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
  • Think Safety First on the Fourth - MedlinePlus
  • Fireworks Safety Tips - American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Fireworks Safety Tips for Independence Day - Consumer Reports
  • National Council on Fireworks Safety
  • Pets and Fireworks: Safety Considerations - About.com

    None of these specifically mention breast safety (uh, for our hypothetical), but contain good safety tips nonetheless.

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    Blogger Jen P said...

    I don't know if a polish cannon counts or not but they used to be a popular thing for tweeners to make - probably still are.

    (directions for how to make one if you've never heard of it).

    8:19 AM  

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