Saturday, July 22, 2006

Carnival of Things I Missed

I haven't blogged much lately for assorted reasons. Here are links to some things that have happened in the meantime. I haven't had time to read the studies, but wanted to point them out nonetheless. Use your own discretion.

Assorted news via
  • "Nicotine patch use during pregnancy may put baby at risk"
  • "Gender gap in scientific research shows up in print"
  • "Ultrasound detects Rh complications in the womb"
  • "Obesity, diabetes drive high rate of kidney failure in the US"
  • "Clinical trials for cancer running out of volunteers"
  • "U.S. women uninformed about lung cancer"
  • "Sex in late pregnancy won't bring on labor"
  • "Many young rape victims fail to take HIV-preventing drugs"

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth:
  • "A qualitative study of an integrated maternity, drugs and social care service for drug-using women"
  • "Risk factors for pre-term birth in Iraq: a case-control study"

    BMC Women's Health: "Quality of health information for cervical cancer treatment on the internet"

    via Feministing:
  • "Prepare yourself" - Horrifying. Four young boys [ages 5, 6, 7, 10] accused of raping 2-year-old South Bend girl"
  • "Millions in federal funds go to crisis pregnancy centers"
  • "Stop punishing pregnant women"
  • "Rep. Waxman releases report on anti-choice clinics"
  • "Anti-choice dodo talks to Salon" (surely you heard about the guy who took an Onion article seriously?)
  • "Mammograms go digital"
  • "Don't forget to wax for your rapist"
  • "Mother of sexually assaulted soldier speaks out"

    via Kaiser Network Daily Reports - Women's Health Policy
  • "Wall Street Journal examines resurgence of breast-feeding, use of negative campaigns"
  • "Kansas City Star examines pregnancy prevention program aimed at drug users"
  • "NPR's 'Talk of the Nation' examines debate over health care providers' 'right of conscience,' patients' rights to medical care"
  • "Federally funded pregnancy resource centers provide women with incorrect information on abortion, report says"
  • "Washington Post examines debate surrounding health care workers' religious freedom vs. patients' rights to abortion, fertility treatment, birth control, EC"

  • FDA: "FDA approves the first once-a-day three-drug combination tablet for treatment of HIV-1"
  • ABC News: "Is breast better?"
  • Medgadget: "Implanon under her skin"
  • Too Fat for Ponies has OB clinicals
  • New York Times: "Report finds a heavy toll from medication errors"

    For medical librarians, check out David Rothman. I have a massive librarian crush on David (like a girl crush, but geekier), who actually gets the value of RSS feeds for clinicians and delivers useful commentary and information for librarians. If I were in charge of a library, I'd actively recruit David to be on my team. If you're not a librarian, check out his blog anyway for a peak behind the librarian curtain and a view of the kinds of services you should be getting.

    Little Miss Pam, a medical librarianship classmate of mine and crocheter-in-chief, scored a kick-a** internship at "one of those holy grail type of places for feminists." I got the notice via an email alert, passed it to the medical lib prof who passed it to the classmates, and unbeknownst to me Pam applied and was selected from 5 finalists. I couldn't be prouder that one of our med lib people got this gig in a non-traditional area, and I think Pam will do an excellent job. Yay, Pam!!!

    Thanks again to everyone who offered their condolences on the loss of my grandmother. There have been too many funerals this year, and your kind thoughts were much appreciated.

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