Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cellulitis Resources

This is not strictly a women's health issue, except that I looked up information on it for a woman. This and the next post are going to be from materials recycled from non-work-related reference questions (except for that "nude photos of Heather Mills McCartney" thing...). Don't worry - I would never, ever tell who asked the question, so send me yours anytime.

The basics: bacterial infection of the skin/tissue (lots of people get this on the legs); swollen red area that may be hot or tender; usually a strep or staph bacteria, beginning at the site of a bruise, cut, or other injury; spreads rapidly; VERY important to get treatment quickly when symptoms are noticed (seriously, no fooling around, can lead to very serious illness/death); treatment with oral antibiotics, or hospitalization w/ IV antibiotics if more advanced.

Cellulitis -
covers signs & symptoms, causes, risk factors, when to seek medical advice, screening and diagnosis, complications, treatment, prevention

Cellulitis - Merck Manual Home Edition
gives a general overview

Cellulitis - eMedicine
provides more clinical detail on the topic

Health Information: Cellulitis - Brigham and Women's Hospital
includes a good list of prevention tips

Cellulitis - Encyclopedia section of MedlinePlus

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