Sunday, June 11, 2006

Birth Stories

Belly Tales (one of the midwifery blogs) has been posting a series of birth stories, which represent the varied personal experiences of assorted women.

There are numerous other websites where women tell the stories of their childbirth experiences. A few of them:
  • American Pregnancy Association
  • Waterbirth International
  • March of Dimes (NICU-focused)

    You can find many more (of varying website quality) using this search, and midwifery-specific birth stories using this search. Blogged stories can be found using the Technorati tags below.

    Something to ponder: What of online birth stories that represent birth practices that were not really appropriate for the woman described? It seems as though there is a vast potential for misinformation through the description of experiences that perhaps shouldn't have gone as they did, whether the teller is aware of it or not. Absorb with caution.

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