Tuesday, May 09, 2006


TamPontification (a nightmare of a portmanteau...) is a tampon and menstruation-focused website from the folks at Seventh Generation, a company dedicated to "non-toxic and environmentally safe household products." The site invites women and girls to contribute their thoughts on menstruation, menstrual products, sexuality, and other related topics. There is also a long list of menstrual euphemisms.

Right now, you can use the TamPontification website to donate tampons and pads to a women's shelter in your state, by selecting your state and click-dragging a little heart graphic. From the website:
"Women’s shelters in the U.S. go through thousands of tampons and pads monthly, and, while agencies generally assist with everyday necessities such as toilet paper, diapers, and clothing, this most basic need is often overlooked. You and I may take our monthly trips down the feminine care aisle for granted, but, for women in shelters, a box of tampons is five dollars they can’t spare. Here’s some good news: you can help us contribute to rectifying this situation by making a virtual donation below! For each virtual donation, Seventh Generation will send a pack of organic cotton tampons or chlorine-free pads to a shelter in your state."

As you may know, I personally prefer other alternatives for menstrual care. However, if I were going to buy tampons, they'd be the kind that Seventh Generation or Natracare provide. Regardless of my own preference, it's for a good cause. Go click and donate.


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