Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rules of Engagement

It seems you should be careful what you wish for. I have long lamented the lack of good comment threads on this blog. Now I have a couple of anonymous, drive-by commenters in response to the "You Poke It, You Own It" post. They were:
Anonymous said...
cry me a river feminist

Anonymous said...
I agree with what anonymous said. "cry me a river" come on is it really a surprise that this commercial is on the air? Listen sex sells and always will so instead of getting mad about this fact of life embrace it and be happy to be the object (a woman) of every mans desire. unless you are a bunch of fat ugly women i guess if that were the matter you need something to be unhappy about
(Update: this one came back and signed in - thanks!)
I haven't posted a list of rules for this blog, until now. I prefer not to turn off anonymous comments, because I don't want to add a hurdle for the people who leave me interesting information in the comments, or who genuinely want/need to preserve their anonymity. However, if you're going to come by and drop your bad attitude all over the place, please have the courtesy of owning up to it. As I said in the comments to that post, "Snark is welcome, but you should 1) be able to back it up intellectually 2) be willing to claim it."

General principles:
1) See the Snark Rule, above.
2) No name-calling (and "feminist" is not an insult).
3) Differing opinions are welcome. Insults and dismissiveness for their own sake are not.
4) This is a blog about women's health. It is intended to alert people to interesting developments in medical research, online information resources, events, opportunities for involvement, and the like. As such, I prefer to maintain a civil community of readers/commenters. It is not a place for you to purge whatever issues you have with women and feminists. Hostile, foul-mouthed, and spam comments will be deleted at my discretion.


Blogger Trisha said...

I don't get many comments on my blog either and sometimes it bothers me. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to get rude comments like that either - but when you get them, at least you know someone is reading!

'be happy to be the object (a woman) of every mans desire'

oh god - I'd rather spend my life alone!

2:37 PM  

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