Thursday, April 13, 2006

SJR127 Dies in Committee

The City Paper has the story on the failure of SJR127, which would have ultimately amended the TN constitution to state that it provides no protections for abortions, following House approval and a vote. The bill failed to make it out of the Public Health and Family Assistance subcommittee of the Health & Human Resources Committee. Inexplicably, I can't find it anywhere on The Tennessean's website. According to the City Paper's article:

"The final vote on the amendment was 4-3 not in favor of SJR 127. Rep. Mary Pruitt (D-Nashville), who had previously opposed the amendment, abstained. Votes not in favor of the amendment were from Representatives Lois DeBerry (D-Memphis), Sherry Jones (D-Nashville), Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis) and Joanne Favors (D-Chattanooga). Votes for the amendment were from Representatives Tre Hargett (R-Bartlett), Jason Mumpower (R-Bristol) and Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville)."

Raise your hand if you were shocked that this was a party-line vote. Nobody? I didn't think so.

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