Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Resource for Obtaining Free or Reduced Cost Prescription Drugs

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARx) website, sponsored by U.S. pharmaceutical companies, is intended to help match patients meeting certain eligibility criteria to public and private programs that provide access to free or reduced cost prescription drugs. I know some of you are involved in healthcare or community service, and thought this might be a useful resource for you. According to a 4/5/06 press release, PPARx estimates that it helped more than two million uninsured and underinsured patients in its first year of operation. The website is divided into three major sections, one each for patients, caregivers, and prescribers. The patient section allows the user to search for or browse an A-Z list of drug/active ingredient names. After locating and selecting the needed medications, the patient may enter details such as age, state of residence, household income, pregnancy status, U.S. residency status and other criteria in order to to view a list of programs for which he or she may be eligible, view details, and print applications for the programs' prescription assistance. Caregivers and prescribers follow the same procedure to determine a patient's eligibility. A complete list of the more than 475 participating programs is available at The PPARx website is also available in a Spanish language version, and users may opt to obtain assistance by calling a toll-free hotline (1-888-4PPA-NOW).

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