Monday, April 10, 2006

Glamour Magazine Takes On Women's Health & Politics

Glamour magazine, typically home to your how-to-please-your-man, how-to-look-perfect fluff, takes a feminist-type stance in a current article, The New Lies About Women's Health." The piece tackles the FDA's political stalling on emergency contraception, concerns about access to EC for rape victims, anti-condom propaganda, abstinence-only sex education, legislation that requires promotion of a false link between breast cancer and abortion, and the hindrance of medical research on political grounds. The magazine's website is also featuring 6 ways to help women in need, with information on charities such as a women's crisis center in Pakistan, help with eating disorders, and reconstructive surgery for domestic violence victims. Rock on, Glamour. Be warned, however - the photo accompanying the article features naked behind, for some inexplicable reason.

Salon's Broadsheet also covers the article - the comments are the most interesting part. Feminists often dismiss magazines such as Glamour, for sensible reasons. One commenter, though, made an interesting point that she grew up in a religious home where sex was off-limits and not discussed, and she actually learned about condoms, birth control, STDs, and Planned Parenthood via Cosmo. Something to ponder.

(found via Feministe)

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