Friday, April 07, 2006

Defining "Superficial"

Okay, so The Superficial is not known for having the most enlightened readership, at least among those who post comments to the site. Perhaps you've heard of the Britney Spears birthing monument? The one that depicts her on all fours clutching the head of a bearskin rug (despite her elective c-section)? Today The Superficial has a shot of the statue from the back, which depicts a head just beginning to exit the vagina and elicted comments such as:
  • "OMG... MY EYES, MY EYES!!!!!!"
  • "This makes me wish I was dead."
  • "That is so ----ing gross. Just disturbing. I don't know what else to say. I am ready to throw up."
  • "Thank goodness I don't eat breakfast."
  • "WTF?!?!?! The "artist" should be thrown in a mental institution. First of all, who gives birth like that? Is she a dog?"
  • "this is the sickest monument statue i have ever seen. the end."
  • "Omigod! That is so nasty! I'm going to have nightmares...."

    At least a couple of commenters weighed in that a)BS actually had an elective c-section; b)some women do labor "on all fours", b/c flat on your back is not so good; and c)uh, babies come out of vaginas most of the time - nothing really new to see here. Seriously, what is wrong with people that a statue depicting a birth is this disgusting to them? Is it because it's supposed to represent Britney, who they can only see as a sex object? Are women's vaginas really that terrifying? C'mon.

    Here's a slideshow of labor positions from, just for your reference.
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