Saturday, April 01, 2006

Coverage of the NIH Conference on Elective Cesarean

The American College of Nurse Midwives issued this press release, and urges balanced coverage of the conference and appropriate attention to the lack of evidence in this area.

Media Coverage:
  • Panel asks women to weigh pros and cons of c-section - USA Today
  • No clear advice on elective c-sections - AP
  • C-section births gaining popularity - Morning Edition, NPR
  • NIH panel says insufficient data available to weigh benefits, risk of elective c-section -
  • Special deliveries: are doctors performing too many c-sections? - Newsweek
  • Jury still out on c-sections on demand - ABC news
  • NIH panel finds no additional risk in cesarean section - Washington Post, with a headline that seems contradictory to the story's statement that, "Overall, the panel found that current scientific evidence is insufficient to recommend performing or not performing Caesareans on demand, saying the available studies suggest both risks and benefits."
  • Expert panel stumped by elective cesarean delivery question - MedPage Today
  • Lamaze International disputes recommendations on elective cesarean surgery: NIH research fails to address long-term outcomes and harmful obstetric practices during birth - Lamaze International
  • C-section controversy - Salon's Broadsheet

    Related: DailyNightly, the blog that accompanies NBC's Nightly News, has a thread going on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and has an accompanying story, When being a mom means losing your job.

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