Friday, April 21, 2006

Chances: The Women of Magdalene Showing Tonight, Wednesday

Chances: The Women of Magdalene is airing tonight at 7 PM in Curb Theatre 16 as part of the Nashville Film Festival. The documentary is airing again at 2:30 PM on Wednesday. It tells the story of women from the local Magdalene House, a "residential housing and recovery program for Nashville women with a criminal history of prostitution and drug abuse."

The description reads:
"When you hit Dickerson Road, you know you've hit bottom. The Money Street is a noisy, crowded, garishly lit major street of Nashville that slices through the "other side of town" like a diseased knife. Chances: The Women of Magdelene is about a group of women who know Dickerson all too well but refuse to give up. It is also about one of the most unusual women you will ever meet: the visionary, brilliant, maverick Becca Stevens, who creates an opportunity, a program to help them recover. We hear the women's harrowing stories, go to the streets they walk, and marvel as they create, with top songwriters, original songs about their experiences and perform them in public. Veteran Nashville filmmaker Tom Neff takes us on an inspirational journey with a number of women through various stages of "the life": from those just off the street to those how eager to help give other women a way out. Chances: The Women of Magdelene provides a voice for women who have been silent far too long."

Magdalene House's website
Story on Magdalene from the Christian Science Monitor

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