Sunday, February 12, 2006

Women's Health News Link Dump

Assorted women's health-related news. These are read-and-make-up-your-own-mind entries, designed to get interesting stories to you, when your little blogger is suffering from information overload. :)

via National Women's Health Information Center:
  • Overweight Women Risk Problem Pregnancies
  • Full Breastfeeding Duration and Associated Decrease in Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Researchers Report Big Gains Against Cervical Cancer
  • Variety of Breast Cancer Patients Turn to Web for Support
  • Fatalism, Ignorance Keep Many from Needed Cancer Checks

    via Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report:
  • Black Women Living in Low-Income Neighborhoods Less Likely to Regularly Schedule Cervical Cancer Screenings
  • Male U.S. Representatives With Daughters More Likely To Vote in Favor of Abortion Rights, Women's Issues
    Kansas Attorney General Testifies in Support of Opinion Requiring Reporting of Sexual Activity Among Minors and Kansas Opinion Requiring Reporting of Sexual Activity Among Minors Misunderstood, Lawyer Says
  • More Women Are Choosing C-Sections Over Natural Birth, Citing Personal Choice, Research
  • Drug Used to Prevent Preterm Labor Might Cause It, Study Finds
  • 35% Catholic Hospitals in States With EC Access Regulations Do Not Dispense Drug, Study Says

    via Feministing:
  • South Dakota House Passes Abortion Ban
  • The Austin Chronicle addresses women's rights and health care in Texas (Feministing post is here)
  • 40 Kentucky Lawmakers Sign Bill to Ban Abortion
  • Two-Thirds of College Students Affected by Sexual Harrassment

    via Women's Bioethics Project:
  • iPledge . . . not to have sex (or, if I do, to use 2 forms of birth control) (commentary on article regarding Accutane and birth defects)
  • Exploitation of Women in Ova Donation for Research

    via CNN:
  • Employer Key for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • Not Your Mother's Breast Milk

    via Kevin, MD:
  • You'll Have to Sue to Find Out: Woman Becomes a Quadruple Amputee after Giving Birth

    via Medical Informatics Insider:
  • New Food Labels More Helpful

    via Notes from Dr. RW:
  • Debunking the Popular Media
  • Patient Blogs and How They Help Physicians

    via the New York Times:
  • System Said to Fail to Steer Women Away from Acne Drug
  • Children, Media and Sex: A Big Book of Blank Pages

    via MedlinePlus:
  • Noninvasive Tests May Miss Breast Cancer
  • Surgeries to Remove Precancerous Cervical Lesions Raise Obstetric Risks
  • Male Circumcision Protects Women from AIDS
  • Focused Ultrasound Effective Against Fibroids

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