Tuesday, February 28, 2006

TN Legislators (not) on Abortion Bill Questions

Last Monday (Feb 20), I sent an email to my state Representative and Senator regarding my questions about the enforcement and implications of the proposed abortion legislation, House Bill 3199 and its companion Senate Bill 3402. As I had already put everything in writing in a previous post, I provided the post link, explained that I had outlined my questions about the bill, and asked for their response. The next day (Feb 21), I promptly received an email from the office of Representative John Hood (D), thanking me for my questions and suggesting that I contact the bill's sponsors with my inquiry. Kudos to Representative Hood's office for visiting the blog post and responding to my message in such a timely fashion.

The same day, I followed Rep. Hood's recommendation and emailed the bill's sponsors, Representative Nathan Vaughn (D) and Senator Rusty Crowe (R). To date (2/28) I have not received a response from either of the sponsors, or from my Senator, Jim Tracy (R). That is, I have not even received the cursory "thanks for your questions, we think our bill is important because..." response, and certainly have not had my questions answered. If you have contacted your legislators and received a response, I'd be interested in hearing from you. I'll post updates if the questions are addressed.

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