Sunday, February 05, 2006

February is National [blank] Month

Now that Blogger is working again(!), a rundown of health observances set for February 2006:

National Heart Month:
  • Are you at an increased risk of having a heart attack? - Quiz from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
  • If you have money to burn, the Nashville Heart Gala is happening this Saturday, February 11, and is a black-tie event to raise money for the American Heart Association.
    I posted several other heart health resources for women here.
    I have yet to see any listings of local heart health screening events, but will post them as I find them.

    National Condom Week (2/13-18):
  • How to Use a Condom - American Social Health Association
  • Talking to Your Partner About Condoms - Nemours Foundation
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases - National Women's Health Information Center
  • Preventing STIs: Safer Sex - EngenderHealth
  • Condoms: Fact Sheet - Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Condoms -
  • Birth Control Methods: How Well Do They Work? - Nemours Foundation
  • Condoms and Sexually Transmitted Diseases - US Food & Drug Administration

    National Donor Day (2/14):
  • Donate Life - organ and tissue donation
  • About Donation - The Organ and Tissue Transplantation Network
  • Organ Donation - National Library of Medicine
  • Glossary - United Network for Organ Sharing
  • 25 Facts About Organ Donation and Transplantation - National Kidney Foundation
  • Myths About Organ Donation
  • Organ Donation: Don't Let Myths Stand in Your Way -
  • Tissue Donation: Statements from Various Religions - American Red Cross

    National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (2/26-3/4):
  • Eating Disorders Information - National Eating Disorders Association
  • Eating Disorders - Nemours Foundation
  • Facts About Eating Disorders and the Search for Solutions - National Institute of Mental Health
  • I Think My Friend Has an Eating Disorder, What Should I Do? - Nemours Foundation (for teens)
  • 10 Things Parents Can do to Prevent Eating Disorders and Eating Disorders Survival Guide - National Eating Disorders Association

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