Saturday, February 18, 2006

Consumer Correspondent, With Apologies to the Nashville Scene


Dear Otherwise Reputable Dermatology Clinic Who Sent Me a Lilac-Colored Advertisement Featuring B&W Close-Up Photos of Parts of Women's Faces (never a whole woman) and Offering 10% off My First Cosmetic Treatment:
I appreciate your generous offer of 10% off my first botox or collagen injection. I'm writing to inquire whether said 10% discount can be used for skin cancer removal or other health-related dermatologic concerns. It's just a question.
Fine With Myself How I Am, Thanks

Other classics of women's insecurity (I mean, health) advertising:
Lysol douche ad - "For Married Folks Only - Why does she spend evenings alone?"
Zonite douche ad - "So humilitated when she realized the cause of her husband's frigidity"

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