Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Abortion Bill

On Friday, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle vetoed a Senate Bill (SB 138) that would have required abortion providers to inform women that a fetus older than 20 weeks can feel pain. In the Governor's press release, he stated, "This bill intrudes on the doctor patient relationship in a heavy handed manner and means doctors don’t have to provide objective and accurate information to their patients. In any case, I trust doctors, not the Legislature, to make medical judgments. We should keep the doctor-patient relationship between doctors and patients and keep the Legislature out of it." The Governor also issued a veto statement which provides more rationale for the veto, including the lack of consensus in the medical field over whether the information is actually true. The text of the bill and bill history are available online. If you're a Wisconsin resident and have thanks or complaints for the Governor, you can submit them online here.
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