Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Yahoo! Answers, Part 1

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been contributing some information to the Yahoo! Answers website. Periodically, I'll link to the topics I've contributed to in the Health & Beauty category (not just women's health) of the site that might be of general interest. After viewing Yahoo!'s copyright policies, I'm not comfortable reposting my full comments here; I'll link to the question so you can view all responses and some relevant resources I found instead. I have reworded the questions in some instances; my internal grammar police squad wouldn't allow as-is transcription. :)

  • Where can you send healthy cut hair to benefit a child?
    Resources: Locks of Love; Wigs for Kids (added by another answerer)

  • I need articles on the question, "Do speed limits save people's lives?"
    Resources: Google Scholar search for "speed limits" fatalities

  • Where would I get information to hire an in-home nurse to care for my grandmother who is sick?
    Resources: Medicare Home Health Compare (searchable database of local agencies and services); Family Caregiver Alliance (advice for hiring in-home help)

  • How do I take care of my tracheostomy?
    Resources: Tracheostomy Care (American Head and Neck Society)

  • I'm getting birth control for the first time and would like some feedback (in which the question-asker is berated by other users for being immoral and killing babies...)
    Resources: What kind of birth control is right for you? (FDA); Choosing a birth control methods (interactive quiz to assist in making contraceptive choices); Frequently asked questions about birth control methods

  • Has anyone tried the softcup? What do you think?
    Resources: The Keeper (another menstrual fluid collection cup); Diva Cup (same as the Keeper, but made of silicone instead of rubber); Alternative Menstrual Products: A Guide for Teens. Links to the Keeper and Diva Cup were provided as reusable alternatives to the Instead SoftCup, as I'm not a fan of the product.

  • Is it safe for women to eat lunch meat while they are pregnant?
    Resources: Food-borne Risks in Pregnancy (March of Dimes); Processed Meats: A Health Concern in Pregnancy? (; Listeria Infections ( These sites recommend reheating hot dogs and luncheon meat until steaming hot to reduce the risk of listeria infection.

  • What is gynecomastia?
    Resources: Gynecomastia: When Breasts Form in Males ( - explains causes and treatment options)

  • How does breast cancer go away?
    Resources: Breast Cancer Treatment (information for patients from the National Cancer Institute)

  • What are the bad side effects of the drug Lupron?
    Resources: MedlinePlus Drug Information for leuprolide

  • How do I find the name of a prescription pill based on its description?
    Resources: pill identification database; RxList; another user correctly mentioned the PDR.

  • What is the word for the onset of menstruation?
    Resources: MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary (the answer is "menarche")

  • What are tampons?
    Resources: A Guide to Using Your First Tampon (information on tampons, how to use them, and risks)

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    you can link automatically to the answers you've provided via the new answers badge. it's discussed in more detail here:

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    Blogger Rachel said...

    That's great, thank you for pointing this out!

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